How Women Will Lead Impact Investing

Ahmed Muneeb December 7, 2018
The investing landscape is changing and changing fast. As baby boomers are planning for and entering retirement that leaves the door wide open for a newer younger generation of investors to enter the market. Over the last

How Newday is Investing in Gender Equality

Ahmed Muneeb November 30, 2018
One of the key pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda is promoting and improving gender equality. This goal takes aim at ensuring equal opportunities exist across education, health care, and in the workplace removing any

Newday Spotlight: Lululemon Athletica Inc.

The Newday Team August 22, 2018
This week’s Newday Spotlight is Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ: LULU). Lululemon makes it a priority to improve both environmental health and personal health. Every year, they measure the company’s energy use and carbon footprint.  

Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics

Lululemon’s product life cycle assessments indicate that

Newday Spotlight: Pearson

The Newday Team August 22, 2018
This week’s Newday spotlight is Pearson (NASDAQ: PSO). Pearson offers educational products and services, which lend to the global sustainability aim of delivering education for all. For a fourth year, Pearson was included in the Corporate Knights World’s 100 Most Sustainable