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Just 15 minutes watching the news can make you want to find a secluded village in Brazil and hide from the world’s woes. As is often the case in life, however, there’s a silver lining to the many issues inundating us on a daily basis — we’re not powerless in the face of those woes. In fact, with the many tools now available to us within this digital age, we can empower ourselves to take action, letting our passions fuel both improvement and our personal goals.

Newday embodies that balance between doing the right thing and doing right by you, providing solutions to transform socially responsible investing (SRI) from an ideal to an effective, efficient reality. To put it another way, the notion of performance tradeoffs between investing according to your beliefs and traditional investments have crumbled, giving investors the opportunity to satisfy their passions while reaching their personal financial goals.

Coupled with a technologically driven convenience and expertise, Newday can help you build both a better world and portfolio with the streamlined solutions you expect from the digital environment. Now it’s just a matter of finding what those passions are, what drives you to spur positive global change, and leverage modern impact investing to enact that change.

Invest According to Your Belief System

Aside from a dramatic convergence in performance between SRI and traditional portfolio models, socially responsible investing has also evolved to meet the varied demands of a concerned and motivated investing public. Whether you’re passionate about the preservation of wildlife in the African grasslands, the integrity of the ocean’s habitat, or responsible governance in corporations, socially responsible investing now provides convenient, impactful solutions that funnel your invested dollars directly into companies that address those issues, all while allowing your financial goals to become more focused and closer to your grasp.

A Meticulous Approach

For instance, let’s say a picturesque shoreline with waves crashing on a pristine beach is what makes you spring out of bed in the morning and fills you with an appreciation for the power and elegance of nature. The problem, of course, is the stability and health of the ocean’s ecosystem, plagued by everything from immense islands of plastic waste to giant swaths of coral dying from global warming and rising water temperatures. Species are disappearing by the day, threatening the health of those picturesque shorelines and pristine beaches that have become a part of who you are and your place in the world.

Socially responsible investing provides you with direct inroads to address those issues, placing your investment dollars into companies that produce no plastic waste, abide by strict carbon emission standards, and maintain waste management policies that promote a robust, thriving marine habitat rather than cause further destruction. Your investments are your voice, screaming about the many issues wreaking havoc on our planet’s oceans and, just as importantly, doing something about it. If everyone should strive to put their money where their mouth is, socially responsible investing is a bullhorn for your pocketbook.

Impact Investing

Newday is the link between a better world and your financial goals, providing you a pathway to both with convenience and effectiveness that doesn’t require the traditionally perceived tradeoff — warranted or not — in performance associated with SRI. In fact, just look at the Newday Ocean Health Portfolio as evidence, using 40 different equities in a balanced portfolio, providing the returns you crave while investing in companies that actively strive to improve our ocean’s ecosystem. With Newday, you don’t have to sacrifice your integrity for a financially sound future. Despite popular opinion, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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