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Purifying the world’s lifeblood

We tend to forget how important something is in our day-to-day life until it isn’t working.

Say you’re getting home from a long day at work. You’re looking forward to stripping your sweaty day clothes off and hopping in the shower. You turn the knob and… brown water comes out.

When you flick your faucet on in hopes of bath by washcloth, same thing.

Where would you go for a shower if your local water isn’t clean?

Bleach is one of the most effective disinfectants on Earth, killing over 99% of bacteria AND viruses in untreated water (think e.coli). Much more effective than boiling water.

Enter Clorox, the company behind the household bleach everyone uses, despite the unseemly reddish blotches you get when you wear your favorite black shirt while cleaning.

Natural disaster? Bleach, please

(We’re pretty certain the people at Clorox have definitely substituted “bleach, please” in place of another popular phrase).

Because bleach is inexpensive and an effective disinfectant, it’s one of the first items requested in the circumstances of a natural disaster. The substance has the power to stand guard against the germs for 24-48 hours too, keeping the water supply safer for a longer period of time.

With all these characteristics of bleach, it’s natural that Clorox is a strong advocate for clean water around the world.

Bleach is worldly

As a core company initiative, Clorox established their Safe Water Project. The Project’s partnered with various NGOs to increase global access to clean water. One such partnership is with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) to create and disperse bleach water dispensers in Peru.

Their Safe Water Project is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 6: ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.

So if you choose to invest in our Fresh Water portfolio, your investment will be providing clean water to families all around the world.

And, a small reminder to shame you into drinking your water today. Your tap water is fine.






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