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All I want for Christmas are whitey tighties

Or at least you will once you hear how sustainable Hanes is.

The go-to brand for everyday basics reported through the CDP that their water management score is above average across all Fortune 500 companies. Not too shabby (although your whitey tighties probably are).

Hanes’ scores are notable because, uniquely for apparel, Hanes owns most of their supply chain — meaning Hanes could own the land on which cotton of your T-shirt is grown, all the way up to selling the clothing they’ve made from that cotton.

But, we’re guessing you’ve never heard of a Hanes store, primarily because the brand only sells in bulk to retailers (Target, for instance).

Anyway, the sustainability of an entire supply chain is impressive due to the all the logistics and coordination that goes into it. Like… people have entire careers in supply chain management.

Making clothes is super thirsty

A single cotton shirt takes 659 gallons of water.

A pair of jeans?

2,108 gallons of water.

Most of us are aware of our carbon footprints. But what we don’t think about as much is our water footprint: how much water is used in the things we use and buy.

Clothes are one of the most water intensive items we can purchase (particularly cotton), and Hanes has successfully reduced their amount of water used per manufactured pound of clothing.
They’ve saved the equivalent of 1,777 Olympic sized pools of water.

That’s just about the most fabulous thing we’ve ever heard.

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