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No one does it like Walt

A few weeks ago, the team decided to change the theme of our Gender Equality to Diversity & Inclusion, in order to better address a wider range of issues.

In doing so, we’ve seen the addition of companies such as the Walt Disney Company.

A giant in entertainment, Disney’s been a champion of diversity and inclusion by releasing movies with diverse cast members and crew.

No other studio with Disney’s level of influence is as proactive as Disney is with their films, and Disney sure isn’t afraid to stir up a bit of controversy over diversity (see Black Ariel).

A track record

– Coco, a coming-of-age movie about a young boy, was made by an all-Latinx cast

– Disney Channel’s show, Andi Mack, features a multicultural, multigenerational family

– Over 100 Disney representatives attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

– Black Panther is one of the most highly grossing films of all time

– A Disney show, The Good Doctor, showcases how people with autism are just as capable as normally abled folks, they just do it a bit differently

– Disney scored 100 on the Disability Equality Index

We’re excited that Disney is now a Newday holding, and we can’t wait to see Ariel in theaters.

Some more on diversity and inclusion at Disney.

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