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On the environmental honor roll

E-waste is becoming more of an issue each passing day, so yeah, an electronics retailer isn’t inherently sustainable.


Best Buy’s environmental report card is all As this year, according to the CDP’s 2019 Climate A List (CDP is the global authority for data on environmental issues).

Because Best Buy is a retailer, that means they only sell electronics. Retailers don’t make the products they sell.

The only job the retailer has is to sell the product. If the entire sales process is sustainable, then the business is actually inherently sustainable — even if the products they sell aren’t.

So yes, we’re proud to have Best Buy in our Climate Action portfolio.

Geeks go electric

All Geek Squad cars transitioned to hybrid, helping to save on gas and maintenance. This was an action on the company’s part that helped take the equivalent of 55,000 cars off the road.

The company’s also been promoting ENERGY STAR certified products in their stores, so customers can immediately compare an electronic to an energy efficient product at the display.

Definitely helps customers make an informed decision about what they’re buying.

In the war against carbon

Best Buy’s reduced their carbon footprint by over 51% since 2009. Looking forward, they’ve set a goal of 60% carbon reduction for 2020, and started investing heavily in renewable energy for their buildings across the country.

Sustainability action in 2020 vision? Those are some goggles we wish every company would wear.




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