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Investing in books… and animals?

Next up, our newest holding: Barnes & Noble.

With our last rebalancing, the book retailer joins our holdings in the Animal Welfare portfolio.


We were surprised too.

The company actually has a clear policy that whatever food and beverages they sell in stores, must meet their standards for the proper treatment of animals.

Quick example: B&N does not buy from suppliers who use gestation cages for pigs and chickens.

(If you remember from our Spotlight on Chipotle, gestation cages are what pregnant and mothering pigs are put into).

Life in the Amazon era

Despite those guys in Seattle, Barnes & Noble is still alive.

Amazon’s made books widely accessible, and monopolized B&N’s core service in doing so. With their core service monopolized, B&N is pivoting their business strategy to something very familiar…

Brick and mortar bookstores with atmosphere.

“[Amazon is] allowing us not to have the boring books in our shops and just be places where you discover books and talk about books,”
says James Daunt, B&N CEO.

“We don’t have to clog up [stores] with medical textbooks.”

With these new community-focused efforts, we’re excited to see where Barnes & Noble goes.

And, of course, to keep treating our furry friends with the respect they deserve.

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