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Ok so… steel

Yep, that’s right. AK Steel is a leading producer of steel components, and lies in our Climate Action portfolio.

It may not be the most sexy company, but steel makes up a small part of everything around us:
cars, appliances, tools, ships, and machines.

So even if steel doesn’t have the WOW factor, it’s an essential material that supports the things we do day-to-day.

In fact, steel is pretty sustainable…

The most recycled material in the world

Steel is actually the material that gets recycled the most often, far outpacing paper and plastic products.

That’s a conversation starter for the next party you attend. You’re welcome.

Sustainable notes of steel

AK’s operations happen primarily in the Midwest, and does a lot of good things for their surrounding communities:

– In 2018, AK Steel donated over $1.5 million to local nonprofits, scholarships, and grants (Cincinnati ArtsWave, Boys and Girls Club, Downs Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati, and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few)

– AK also offers a Matching Gift program to employees to help increase the value of their charitable contributions

In addition to supporting their communities, AK Steel implements a Reclamation Strategy for Disturbed Lands (places that’ve been disturbed by human activity enough to be visually different).

The company implements their strategy through careful environmental management to recover the land, or sells to developers who are responsible in land recovery.

AK Steel also joined the Carbon Capture Coalition, a nonpartisan coalition that supports the deployment and adoption of carbon capture technology, which is pretty exciting.

To familiarize yourself on AK and the sustainability of their steel.

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