Newday Spotlight: Intel Corp.

The Newday Team December 5, 2018
This week’s Newday spotlight is with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC). Intel has one of the most recognizable brands and logos on the planet. Their commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability is why they play a key role in our

How Newday is Investing in Gender Equality

Ahmed Muneeb November 30, 2018
One of the key pillars of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda is promoting and improving gender equality. This goal takes aim at ensuring equal opportunities exist across education, health care, and in the workplace removing any

Newday Spotlight: Cisco Systems

The Newday Team November 30, 2018

This week's Newday Spotlight is with Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO). Cisco is known for their technology, but the firm has been working on remarkable environmental initiatives that may come as a surprise. Cisco is a world leader

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. Emerging technologies, demographics, news cycles, tastes and shifts in generational preferences are all factors that contribute to those changes. Businesses began to shift their focus towards the millennial generation since they will

Dos and Don’ts of Socially Responsible Investing

The Newday Team September 27, 2018
Over $6.5 trillion is held in portfolios committed to socially responsible investing, which seeks to earn positive returns while positively impacting society. Joining these investors is fairly straightforward, as long as you avoid the pitfalls and follow industry experts' advice.
Millennials have a lot of great causes they're passionate about. However, according to Credit Union Journal, managing their money doesn't seem to be one of them. It's never too early to start consciously managing your money and strategically planning
Technology has always driven social evolution. It's what instigates change, redefines long-held beliefs to reveal a better way of living, and disrupts the status quo. Whether the wheel or the printing press, microprocessors or AI, technology provides us the opportunity
Just 15 minutes watching the news can make you want to find a secluded village in Brazil and hide from the world's woes. As is often the case in life, however, there's a silver lining to the many issues inundating