Market Recap – Week of June 21st

The Newday Team June 21, 2019

Iran Hits the Jackpot

The latest in escalating series of incidents across the Middle East deals with a U.S. drone shot down by Iran. Iran officials said the U.S aircraft was violating its airspace, while the U.S. denies it. Last week,

Newday Spotlight: HP Inc

The Newday Team June 21, 2019
(NASDAQ:HPQ) Our spotlight for this week is Hewlett-Packard, the multinational information tech company informally known as HP. Founded in 1939, HP was known for being the leading manufacturer in PCs until Lenovo stole the title in 2015. Originally serving the range from

Newday Spotlight: Ulta Beauty

The Newday Team June 17, 2019
This week's Newday company spotlight is Ulta Beauty Inc. (NASDAQ: ULTA), a chain of beauty stores carrying cosmetics and skincare brands, men's and women's fragrances, nail products, bath and body products, beauty tools and haircare products. Today we're focusing on

Market Update – Week of June 14th

The Newday Team June 17, 2019

India Joins the Trade War

After being taken away some special trade benefits, India retaliates the U.S. by imposing higher tariffs on some goods imported.  This decision will take effect on Sunday, June 16. U.S. and India’s ties had broadened significantly

Newday Spotlight: Unilever

The Newday Team June 9, 2019
This week's Newday Spotlight is on Unilever (NYSE: UN)

Market Update – Week of June 7th

The Newday Team June 9, 2019

Hiring Slows in May

The unemployment rate, which classifies those in the workforce that are actively seeking for work but are jobless, is currently at 3.6%––an all-time low. Yet, for the month of May, the U.S. saw a slowdown in the

Market Update – Week of May 24th

The Newday Team June 4, 2019

May Exits Brexit

The term Brexit is a shorthand way of saying the United Kingdom leaving the European Union–the economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries. A referendum––a vote in which everyone of voting age can take part––was held in

Market Update – Week of May 17th

The Newday Team May 20, 2019
A brief history on the U.S./ China Trade War In early 2018, President Trump continued his protectionist campaign by calling out China on unfair trading practices. The U.S. government imposed tariffs on Chinese goods worth over half a trillion dollars, which