Spotlight: Gap Inc

The Newday Team August 8, 2019

Business: a force for good

Gap, Inc. joins the ranks of our holdings in the Animal Welfare portfolio. This conglomerate of a clothing brand is bullish on sustainability, in every sense of the word: - Partnered with the US Agency for International

Spotlight: Disney

The Newday Team August 8, 2019

No one does it like Walt

A few weeks ago, the team decided to change the theme of our Gender Equality to Diversity & Inclusion, in order to better address a wider range of issues. In doing so, we've seen the

Spotlight: Columbia Sportswear

The Newday Team August 8, 2019

Press that "DONATE" button

Guess who's joining the Diversity & Inclusion portfolio? That's right, one of our to-go brands for deals on adventure gear, COLUMBIA. Columbia's very proactive about donating to orgs they believe in: - $2 million invested in 500

Spotlight: Barnes & Noble

The Newday Team August 8, 2019

Investing in books... and animals?

Next up, our newest holding: Barnes & Noble. With our last rebalancing, the book retailer joins our holdings in the Animal Welfare portfolio. ?!?!? We were surprised too. The company actually has a clear policy that whatever food and beverages

Market Recap — Week of August 2nd

The Newday Team August 2, 2019

Markets are Preoccupied

The U.S. stock market dropped on Thursday and continued to fall on Friday, as investors overlooked a new job report and stressed out on earlier threats by President Trump to extend tariffs to all Chinese imports. The escalation

Our Sustainable Agriculture Portfolio is Here

The Newday Team August 2, 2019

A BIG announcement

  Our newest thematic portfolio, Sustainable Agriculture, is now live! Many kudos to our whole team for making this happen, there were definitely a lot of hours spent pulling everything together over cookies and coffee.  

About the portfolio

  We focused

Newday Spotlight: Autodesk

The Newday Team August 2, 2019

Investing in digital fabrication

Okay, we got this new company in our holdings that we're pretty psyched about... AUTODESK, the company with a monopoly in digital fabrication software, joins Newday in both the Climate Action portfolio and the Diversity & Inclusion portfolio. And

Market Recap — Week of July 27th

The Newday Team July 26, 2019

Thank the Earnings

The Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500 hit all-time records pushed by strong earnings reports from various companies and healthy growth in gross domestic product. Twitter, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s where some of the prominent stocks that rose