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This week’s Newday spotlight is Pearson (NASDAQ: PSO). Pearson offers educational products and services, which lend to the global sustainability aim of delivering education for all.

For a fourth year, Pearson was included in the Corporate Knights World’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies. By removing barriers to education, Pearson aims to empower learners to create a more sustainable planet.

Pearson is in included in our Global Impact portfolio, which is focused on environmental conservation, social responsibility, and leadership and governance.


Pearson’s 2020 Agenda

Pearson has a 2020 Sustainability Plan, which is a 5-year vision to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They have three areas of focus:

  1. Reach more learners
  2. Shape the future of learning
  3. Be a trusted partner

These areas drive their commitment to integrate social and environmental issues into every aspect of their business.

The sustainability plan is their new focus now that they met their goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% from a 2009 baseline. The 2020 Sustainability Plan addresses some of the world’s biggest challenges including the lack of access to education, growing inequality, high youth unemployment, and pressure on our natural resources.

Pearson launched a mobile learning app in 2017 for three schools in Jordan. This was through their Every Child Learning partnership with Save the Children, which delivers education for children affected by conflict.


Overall Commitment to Social Impact

Pearson is also empowering girls and women around the world. They awarded 1,037 BTEC qualifications (for education credit) to women in Zimbabwe and Ghana as part of their partnership with Camfed.

Pearson introduced a global editorial policy to ensure content is appropriate, effective, and relevant for all learners. In addition, they produced research on Social Innovation, Promising Practices on Refugee Education, and A Future of Jobs for All (PDF).

As stated on their website, they “made over $2 million in Kiva loans to 43,000+ micro-entrepreneurs in 82 countries, and mobilized 1000+ employees in 15 cities for North America Volunteer Day.”


Pearson’s Vision

As stated on their website, “Today’s learners are the architects of tomorrow.”

Pearson believes that quality education is the key to shaping a better tomorrow — it will lead to better lives, greater equality, and a more sustainable world.

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