Newday Spotlight: Intel Corp.

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This week’s Newday spotlight is with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC).

Intel has one of the most recognizable brands and logos on the planet. Their commitment to corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability is why they play a key role in our Fresh Water portfolio.

They aim to address global challenges such as refining environmental sustainability, supply chain responsibility, diversity and social impact that can help benefit the environment and society through the exploration of new technological applications and strategic investments.


A Holistic Approach

Intel technology allows people to access abundant amounts of data that can help address the world’s most complex issues such as climate change, energy efficiency, economic empowerment and human rights. They are continuously improving energy efficiency, reduce harmful gas emissions in the battle of climate change and resource conservation by investing in alternative energy and smarter technologies.

Since 2008, they have invested more than $145 million in energy-conservation projects which succeeded to save about 3.19 billion kWh of energy. They utilize alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and fuel cells on more than 40 on-site projects. In 2015, they purchased 3.4 billion kWh of green power which can be great enough to meet 100% of United States electricity use, thus making them the largest purchaser of green power in the United States.

They continue to be the largest purchaser of greener methods in generating power in the United States. Their strategy to meet 2020 goals in reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions includes the following:

  1. Conserve
  2. Invest
  3. Design
  4. Empower

They are also a major advocate in saving waste through reducing, reusing and recycling and reducing generated solid and chemical waste. They managed to recycle more than 75% of their total operational generated waste since 2008.


Creativity Toward Sustainability

Intel’s green initiative is tackled within their manufacturing sites and buildings. For many years, they integrated greener designs and concepts into the construction of their facilities meeting the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification standards.

Furthermore, they seek to provide products that are more energy efficient with the collaboration of others to advance the development of technology to solve long term challenges.  They advanced the efforts on environmental sustainability over the last two decades through sustainable water management at their global sites. They succeeded to conserve 60 billion gallons of water, which is enough to sustain 500,000 US homes per year!

They were able to return 80% of water use back to communities and are recently focusing on restoring 100% of their global water use by 2025.

To prevent forced and bonded labor, expectations with suppliers are established so that workers should not have to pay for their employment. Since 2014, this resulted in over $13 million in fees returned by suppliers to workers in their supply chain. In 2017, 86% of suppliers participating in their CSR leadership program met all expectations in addressing sustainability challenges across supply chain management, a significant enhancement from 57% when the program first began in 2013. Also, 100% of first-tier Intel suppliers participated and responded in the CDP supply chain survey.


Access to Opportunity

As part of their goals to broaden their accessibility to opportunity, they helped 14,000 underserved young people to develop skills in technology for future jobs and empowering their employees to provide their expertise in solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, providing support to local communities and inspiring the world’s next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

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