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Our spotlight for this week is Hewlett-Packard, the multinational information tech company informally known as HP.

Founded in 1939, HP was known for being the leading manufacturer in PCs until Lenovo stole the title in 2015. Originally serving the range from individual consumers to large enterprises, HP finally decided to split the company into an enterprise focused division (Hewlett-Packard Enterprise), and an individual consumer division (officially HP Inc), which still exist today.

Currently, HP ranks above average among its industry peers for supporting the development of knowledge and skills of its employees, as well as a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Usually when companies associate themselves with diversity, inclusion, or human capital through branding, it’s a false portrayal of what is really happening in the company. However, HP has and continues to demonstrate its integrity to its stated principles.

In 2017, Dion Weisler, HP’s CEO, took a pledge to advance values of diversity and inclusion in the workplace as part of a CEO-driven business initiative called the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. HP’s overall numbers show Weisler’s pledge was not taken lightly: 37% of the company’s global workforce are women, the Board of Directors is comprised of 45% women, 27% underrepresented minorities, and 54% total minorities, and the company’s executive leadership team is made up of 33% underrepresented minorities, from 8 different countries, and 26% are women.

The quickest way to be inclusive is through hiring and HP recognized this. The same year CEO Dion Weisler took the pledge to advance values of diversity and inclusion, HP established a recruiting campaign named Reinvent Mindsets. The Reinvent Mindsets campaign concentrated on developing initiatives that focus on women and underrepresented groups, such as unconscious bias faced by African Americans during the interview/hiring process, shedding light on the discrimination women still face in the workplace, and educating on the issues faced by the LGBTQ, LatinX and U.S. veteran communities.

HP is recognized by Diversity Journal for the Diversity Leader Award, is a Woman Engineer Magazine’s Top 20 Employer, a Human Rights Campaign “Best Place to Work 2017”, and the Working Mothers 100 Best Companies for 27 years running.


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