This week’s Newday spotlight is Discovery Inc. (NASDAQ:DISCA). Founded in 1985, Discovery is a media company headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. The company is responsible for educational channels such as Animal Planet, the Science Channel, and Food Network, and of course the eponymous Discovery channel. As a content producer and mass media company, Discovery reaches about 3 billion cumulative subscribers in more than 220 countries and territories, and therefore a large platform to advance the issues it cares about. Here are some of the ways in which Discovery Inc. advances its pursuit of sustainability and education.



Discovery is recognized for its contributions to educational content through its broadcast channels, which have long covered wildlife & nature, popular science, history, and technology. Channels such as Animal Planet have increased awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. Internally, Discovery runs several programs under the Discovery Impact moniker, which unite its brands, businesses, and employees through numerous cause-related partnerships and initiatives.

One such program is the Discovery [email protected], which allows employees of Discovery Inc. to act as ambassadors for advancing sustainability within the company, resulting in numerous permanent changes in its global office locations. Efforts to reduce resource use include recycling bins and composting areas, rainwater collection systems to irrigate green areas, and even rooftop gardens at the company headquarters, which teach skills on composting and utilizing fresh ingredients.

Through these efforts, Discovery was able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their headquarters 41.6% from a 2005 baseline, earning the EPA’s ENERGY STAR award with a score of 95 out of a possible 100. Additionally, the company headquarters became LEED platinum certified and scored a perfect ‘Innovation’ score for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.



Discovery Inc. leverages its global platform and resources to make a positive impact in local communities. From educational programming, to teacher professional development, to educational technology, Discovery is active around the world empowering children to reach their full potential.

Discovery operates the Discovery Learning Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which operates in 16 countries providing resources to increase student retention, enrollment, attendance and learning in marginalized communities. The charity trains teachers, runs youth clubs, and mobilizes community action to address education, development, and public health issues for tens of millions of people in the developing world.

Another program, Discovery Education, partners with organizations around the world to create free classroom and family learning resources for K-12 education. Discovery Education’s engagement programs deliver tools and experiences in traditionally under-funded areas such as STEM, financial literacy, environmental education, health & wellness, life skills and college & workforce readiness.

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