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This week’s Newday spotlight is with Citrix Systems (NASDAQ: CTXS). Citrix is one of the world’s leaders in sustainability through the use of technological operations. They aim to develop technology to reduce energy consumption by providing energy efficient equipment for data-centers, file-sharing and electronic signature products to reduce the amount of paper and mail. They also seek to help people and businesses become more sustainable through the development of energy and waste efficient offices and facilities, and for employees to minimize their ecological footprint globally.

Citrix aims to reduce environmental impact through technology and help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

This is achieved by:

  1. Saving Energy. In order to save energy, it is critical to reduce the total of physical servers which will help minimize energy consumption.
  2. Sustaining Flexibility. Flexibility is sustained by broadening device options such as tablets for low power alternatives.
  3. Development of Paperless Products. Paperless products are developed to safely and securely store files in their cloud systems which will help reduce the use of paper, printing and postage requests.
  4. Reducing Travel. Providing remote access to company applications, programs, data and collaboration tools to help reduce travel.

Citrix develops their own products that are environmentally friendly by outsourcing product manufacturing and recycling to suppliers and vendors that are within environmental standards. This is achieved by sourcing responsibly, providing due diligence, evaluating suppliers and sourcing communication.


Sustainable Business Practices and Offices

Citrix’s environmentally friendly offices are of beautiful manufacturing and design. They develop modern workplaces that encourage collaborative, engaging and economical environments. Their investments in sustainable design features and green operations are implemented in the expansion of all their offices which is critical for them to measure social, environmental and financial impact.

When building or renovating their offices, they follow the standards and principles of the LEED (Leadership and Environmental Design). In their codes, they address ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase the use of alternative energy for the sourcing of green equipment. Their sustainable designs include the maximization of natural light through the installation of motion sensors, light dimmers, timers and expanding the use of solar panels to reduce energy consumption and waste.

Their larger offices use photovoltaic electricity and water heaters that are run on thermal solar. For example, their Bangalore office were awarded the national award in energy management and conservation for their sustainability programs and 85% renewable energy use.


Sustainable Projects and Programs

Citrix provides sustainability programs to reduce carbon footprint and recyclability.

They recycle and reuse common landfill items such as plastic bags, packing foam, cardboard, wood, metal, electronic waste, fluorescent bulbs and batteries as they nearly eradicated the use of bottled water from their offices.

In 2017, they diverted nearly half their waste from one of their four largest global sites, using biodegradable, recyclable and reusable dishes.

They also prevented more 40 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions with the usage of electric vehicles and charging stations.


Their Employee Engagement

Citrix employees are encouraged and committed in the development of sustainable programs to promote recycling operations, consuming sustainable meals and drinking from reusable water bottles for the support of environmental nonprofits and initiatives.

Employees gather together to clean up beaches, local parks and communities through the support of these programs by Citrix, providing employees 16 hours of paid volunteer time per year and matching employee donations up $1,000.

Earth day celebrations, Green Teams and Sustainability Employee Resource Groups provide motivated employees to focus on advancing environmental initiatives in their offices and communities to achieve zero waste.

Hence, Citrix is one of the largest motivators and initiators in developing a more advanced energy efficient and sustainable world.

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