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Investing in digital fabrication

Okay, we got this new company in our holdings that we’re pretty psyched about…

AUTODESK, the company with a monopoly in digital fabrication software, joins Newday in both the Climate Action portfolio and the Diversity & Inclusion portfolio.

And it’s all thanks to our rebalancing (rebalancing is like hitting the “refresh” button on companies to make sure they are still meeting our impact criteria and to add in new companies that do meet the criteria).

Why Autodesk?

The company’s got a history of global citizenship, and they’re not stopping.

Diversity & Inclusion: No matter what you identify as or with as an employee at Autodesk, they’ve got a space where you feel included. From the Autodesk Asian Network to the Autodesk Veterans Network, they’ve made sure their employees all have a place to be.

Outside of their digitally fabricated walls, Autodesk demonstrates their impact by providing fabrication resources to the public: free software for students, an educational blog, Tinkercard, for the public to engage in fabrication, and the Autodesk Foundation, to provide software grants to entrepreneurs and innovators.

Climate Action: Autodesk is the first company to develop and implement a science-based emissions methodology, C-FACT. In their commitment to being a good global citizen, they’ve made the methodology open-source and available for companies to use and improve on.

The company is also acting to run on 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Another item of note

Autodesk has a concise policy on Conflict Minerals.

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