As I look ahead to my future, I am excited about the possibilities: virtual reality technology, space travel, electric powered (and self-driving) vehicles and renewable energy. I have faith in my technology-based generation to bring about positive change for our planet. I am inspired to see people from all generations coming together to tackle some of the world’s biggest social and environmental issues.

Studying the world’s current issues like climate change and poverty can be overwhelming. An important first step to bringing about change is to focus on positivity and hope.


Optimism Creates a Simple Goal

In order to create change, people need to feel that a goal is achievable.

A positive attitude gives people a sense of purpose- a belief that anyone can make a difference and contribute to a movement. An article in the Red Pepper points out that, “People are no longer content to campaign for a better world; they want a turn at building it for themselves.”

In other words, people want to be a part of the change. Oftentimes, they just do not always know how. When the “how” is clearly presented in a positive manner, people are likely to jump on board to help make a difference.

One historic event in the United-States that created a particular optimistic brand is the marriage equality movement.

At the end of the day, this movement was about one thing: allowing two people who love each other to marry. It was as simple as that. Since the marriage equality movement was built on love, it created a simple goal that felt realistic and attainable.


Optimism Helps Build Momentum

Positive stories can inspire people to join a movement they may not usually join. From the Women’s March in DC to the Climate March in New York City, more and more people are feeling compelled to do something about the issues they care about.

Young people especially, are motivated like never before. They are passionate about social justice, and they care about the future of our planet. By staying positive, we can recruit more people and move forward.


Optimism Engages People

When we stay positive, people are engaged. A study conducted on more than 100 IT professionals at The Hanover Insurance Group found that “Optimistic managers are more likely to be engaged managers who are more likely to engage employees… and their increased productivity increases profitability.”

Engagement is key during times of uncertainty. If we focus on the good changes that are already happening, we will recognize the importance of this change, and we will be compelled to join.


Optimism Brings Us Together

Moreover, optimism unites us. If we focus on our strengths, we can create better results for movements like Gender Equality or Climate Action.

The “Me too” movement was in part successful because it focused on togetherness. A Bloomberg article explains how the #MeToo movement demonstrated that “sexual predation is ubiquitous, not distant and rare.”

In other words, survivors of sexual assault are telling other survivors they are not alone. They are finding hope through the stories of others.


Optimism Helps Movements Last

The way to move forward is to focus on the small successes. A New Science article states “Decades of environmental doom-mongering have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe a new environmental campaign with a message of hope is just what we need.”

Optimism is absorbed by people, and helps create a cycle of engagement and unity.

An article by Entrepreneur Media stated that, “In life, movement and growth is essential, which optimism helps us achieve.”

The movement created by an optimistic approach will create a stronger impact for any social or environmental cause.


Newday Impact Investing

The power of positive thinking is extraordinary. As leaders of change, we hope to instill confidence and create financial empowerment for everyone. In order to achieve this, we will continue to bring the best and most open-minded version of ourselves to each interaction- whether it be with a client, a nonprofit partner, or a major corporation.

At Newday, we are hopeful about change and we know we can make an impact.

We have a variety of thematic portfolios, which include Ocean Health and Animal Welfare. We provide information through an optimistic lens, and we support our clients who are looking to “Get Informed, Get Involved, and Get Invested”.

If we all continue to put our most optimistic foot forward, then not only will we succeed; we will leave the world a better place than we found it.

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