ESG Invests Your Dollar Into Both an Obtainable Ideal and Your Future

The Newday Team - Newday

Technology has always driven social evolution. It’s what instigates change, redefines long-held beliefs to reveal a better way of living, and disrupts the status quo. Whether the wheel or the printing press, microprocessors or AI, technology provides us the opportunity – when used responsibly, of course – to improve our lot in life and benefit the planet along the way.

Although environmental, social and governance-focused (ESG) investing isn’t a particularly new concept, technology is transforming its reach and potency, giving ESG investing far more influence than ever before. You can now make a difference in the world, voting with your invested dollars with the same convenience as buying a pair of shoes from your preferred online store.

Newday utilizes technology to give you – an investor in search of both an obtainable ideal and a financially stable future – the tools needed to navigate a complex investment environment on your terms and according to your values. With Newday’s platform the environment doesn’t have to suffer, with social causes placed on hold and responsible corporate governance forgotten. The future of effective and efficient ESG investing is here, and we’re just getting started.

ESG Investing Is Already a Market Force

Thanks to the convergence of technology and impact investing, ESG already occupies a significant portion of the investment landscape, estimated at over $20 trillion in assets under management and growing by the day. In other words, ESG isn’t a trend or passing fad; instead, it is a permanent and formidable component of the investing world that will only grow in scope as more investors become unwilling to sacrifice their ideals for a healthier portfolio.

We can and should expect more from global corporations, with decision-making and strategies that don’t compromise human values and beliefs simply for better returns. The rise of ESG investing empowers you, the typical investor, with the ability to make fundamental change in the world, one dollar at a time. Look at your investments as a vote, and cast them toward companies that strive to develop and maintain ethical governance, that are equitable and inclusive to all, and that always keep the bigger picture in focus. ESG investing will help you determine the winners and losers of modern industry as well as what guidelines they should follow to define success on a global scale.

Newday Is ESG Investing Redefined

Of course, the best of intentions only get you so far. For ESG investing to indeed become a dominant force that enacts much-needed change, it must also be efficient and blend in with a fast-paced, busy lifestyle and dynamic marketplace. The world won’t slow down for those good intentions, no matter how good they might be.

This notion is precisely where Newday provides the constructive, healthy disruption that leads to a better, equitable world and realized financial goals, all from a platform that seamlessly merges with packed schedules and rare downtime. Accessed from a desktop, laptop or mobile device, the Newday platform gives you the ability to invest with innovative minds and companies, all while maintaining focus on a greater good.

You can do something about environmental and social causes – governance-born issues that poison the planet, plague society and impede healthy advancement – with the same investment dollars that will help you realize your own financial dreams. Don’t accept trade-offs and half measures anymore. ESG investing has evolved, and Newday is leading the charge.

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