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We support our clients on their journey to reach their financial goals. To do this, we offer a comprehensive FAQ list and in-app messaging directly to our support team. 

About Us

Newday Impact investing is a platform that allows users to invest in initiatives that matter to you. Our investment portfolios include themes like Climate Action, Ocean Health, Animal Welfare and many more. Users are able to control how much money they want to allocate into a portfolio. 

Impact investing means investing into for-profit companies, projects, or individuals that support social and environmental change while getting a financial return. In our case, we only focus on publicly traded companies. Whether you’re interested in supporting a specific company or an entire industry, impact investing is one of the best ways to give weight to your voice.

Choosing investments based on your values and philosophy may strengthen your portfolio, encourage organizations to act responsibly, and help safeguard the world around you for future generations.

Most investors don’t actually know what companies they are invested in. At Newday, we select the companies  in our portfolios based on impact and performance. Shouldn’t everyone know exactly where their money is going? To keep our clients informed, we curate news related to the companies in your portfolio and to the impact themes that you care about.

Newday has in app chat support. We operate out of our San Francisco office and our support team currently adheres to the hours of operation from 8am – 5pm. For inquiries that occur after 5 pm or on the weekend, expect a longer than 1 hour delay or a response on the next business day.

If you would like to reach out to us directly please contact us at [email protected]

Newday charges 0.75% of assets under management (AUM) annually. That means if you invest a total of  $100 we only charge you 75 cents. That’s not even one cup of coffee! Newday also donates 5% of revenue from our asset management fees to our NGO partners.

If you are a student Newday doesn’t charge any fees for your assets under management. Please make sure to sign up with your school email in order to be eligible.

We make money by charging a small percentage of your overall portfolio value. The annual fees are paid quarterly based on your account value at the end of each calendar year.

Example: If you invested $100 with a 0.75% management fee, your fee for the year would be 75 cents.
We also donate 5% of our revenue to our NGO partners. For more information please visit our website to view all our NGO partners.

In order for us to verify you are a student, please sign up for a Newday account with your school edu email address.

Newday collects data of over 3,000 large, mid-size, and small companies across the globe. Our analytics team studies data provided by our research partners and identifies the most important factors that contribute to the selection process.

We then exclude companies that have major controversies such as alcohol, firearms, and tobacco or other major negative headline news. We then rank each company across three pillars of overall environmental stewardship, social policy, and executive transparency.

From here we assign an impact score based on the portion of revenue that is sourced directly from impactful operations.

Fractional shares offer investors the ability to own less than 100% of a single share. Fractional shares allows investors to invest in companies with a lower commitment of capital.

All investments in a portfolio with Newday are invested as fractional shares. Fractional shares allow us to give our users a well rounded diversified stock offering in our portfolios with minimum investment capital.