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Renewable energy production is no longer the future. It is the present. The Newday Climate Action Portfolio includes companies that operate at significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions levels or develop the technology used to achieve these levels.

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Solar Power

In one hour, the sun delivers enough energy to earth to power the world economy for a year. Invest in companies that operate on solar power or manufacture and develop the technology.

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Greenhouse Gases

The Newday Climate Action Portfolio contains companies with minimal or no carbon footprint, so you can do your part to preserve the environment while saving for retirement.

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Energy Management

Good energy management policies prevent the waste of energy, which reduces costs and energy demand. Companies in the Newday Climate Action Portfolio save money and the climate.

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Wind Power

Renewable energy takes many forms, but all harness the power of nature. Investing in the Newday Climate Action Portfolio gives exposure to companies that are accelerating the transition to renewable energy though wind power technologies and infrastructure.

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Hydroelectric Power

As long as rivers run, there will be renewable, clean energy through hydroelectric power. In addition to having a competitive business model, hydroelectric power companies create minimal environmental externalities compared to broader energy sector.


On the chart below, the Climate Action Portfolio is compared to the Vanguard 500 over a 1 year timeframe.

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Top Holdings

Please download the Climate Action Portfolio Fact Sheet for more information about the portfolio. Download The Fact Sheet

NRG Energy

Impact Summary

The share of renewable energies in generation has risen during the last years, and the company is engaged in several relevant projects to promote renewable energy source. in 2016, 10.5% of the company's electric generation was based derived from solar and wind energy. NRG Energy has established ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction targets (reduce its direct and indirect emissions by 50% from 2014 to 2030 and by 90% from 2014 to 2050).

Nisource, Inc

Impact Summary

NiSource targets reducing its direct greenhouse gas emissions from electric generation by 50% by 2025 compared to the levels in 2005.

Hawaiian Electric Industries

Impact Summary

This electricity company's vision is to to empower their customers and communities with affordable, reliable, clean energy, and provide innovative energy leadership for Hawaii. By making increasing rates of upgrades, Hawaiian Electric is creating an electric grid capable of integrating increasing amounts of solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biofuel and waste-to-energy.

American Water Works Co, Inc

Impact Summary

The company provides water and wastewater services in the United States and Canada.

Jones Lang Lasalle, Inc

Impact Summary

Provides commercial real estate and investment management services worldwide, including single healthcare facilities in its property portfolio. More than 100 of its buildings are certified to either BREEAM or LEE.

Perkinelmer, Inc

Impact Summary

An American multinational corporation focused on human and environmental health innovations. The company takes measures to consider the reduction of energy consumption of its products during the development phase.

Legg Mason, Inc

Impact Summary

Asset management firm that offers a large percentage of socially responsible investment products that contribute to the solution of global sustainability challenges. Its emphasis on carbon emission targets and energy efficiency in GHG reductions makes it above average relative to its peers.

Hasbro, Inc

Impact Summary

Hasbro has implemented an energy management system covering 100% of their employee base. The company is very committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with clear energy targets.

Dominion Energy, Inc

Impact Summary

As an energy producer and transporter in the US, the company's share of its renewable energy sources has increased in recent years. The company’s three-year average carbon footprint lower than industry peers (0.36 vs 0.55 tCO2e/MWh).

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