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This portfolio gives exposure to companies who lead their respective fields in maximizing water efficiency, and who are committed to combating pollution and ensuring affordable and equitable access to water resources.

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Every year thousands of humans die from drinking polluted water. Save the next life by investing in companies that take responsibility to provide citizens all over the country with pure fresh water through our Fresh Water Portfolio.

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Access to Water

In 2010, the UN General Assembly recognized the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights. At Newday, we strive to uphold this right.

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Clean Rivers

Serving as drainage channels for surface water, rivers have a significant role in the water cycle. They carry water and nutrients to areas in need, which provides habitat and food for a numbers of the earth's living organism.

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Clean Lakes

The pollution of lakes harms aquatic animals, human health and the economy. Clean lakes are crucial to maintain a healthy environment. Invest in companies that take the initiative to clean our lakes through our Fresh Water Portfolio.


On the chart below, the Fresh Water Portfolio is compared to the S&P 500 over a 1 year timeframe.

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Top Holdings

Please download the Fresh Water Portfolio Fact Sheet for more information about the portfolio. Download The Fact Sheet

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is engaged in the business of composite and building materials systems, delivering a range of products and services, such as glass fiber, insulation and roofing. Owens Corning has aligned their water management efforts with the UN SDG 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation). As such, the company uses water management tools to track water usage and increase efficiencies, resulting in a 42% decrease in water use from 2010 and a focus on decreasing water usage in higher stressed water area. For their efforts, they have received the CDP’s A List for Climate and Water.

Air Products and Chemicals Inc

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., is an industrial gases company. Air Products and Chemicals knows that supporting the environment isn’t only the right thing to do, it can also help their bottom line. The company has conserved 5.6 billion gallons of water, saving $60 million in costs. In addition, one of their product offerings, Halia®, supports water treatment by removing harmful particles in drinking water for people and properly providing oxidation to aquaculture

Ball Corp

Ball Corporation is a supplier of metal packaging to the beverage, food, personal care and household products industries. Ball Corp has invested in water monitoring equipment, which has helped the company improve water efficiency by 8% in their segment that uses the most water. In addition, the company is looking to reduce water usage in the future by testing a Zero Liquid Discharge system, which can allow for washing systems to recycle as much as 90% of the water they use.

Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and services diesel and natural gas engines and engine-related component products. The Company's segments include Engine, Distribution, Components and Power Systems. The company has 23 sites that have reduced the use of water by at least 50%. This initiative has saved more than 700 million gallons since 2010.

Eastman Chemical Co

Eastman Chemical Company (Eastman) is an advanced materials and specialty additives company. The company showed its dedication to sustainability with the creation of a Chief Sustainability Officer position who has made one of the company’s main goals to increase water use efficiency. Eastman Chemical works with TN H20, an organization that monitors surface and groundwater, wastewater, and water reuse in Tennessee. The company has also worked with researchers at their largest manufacturing facility to make sure the company site is not having an adverse effect on the river habitat nearby.

Xerox Corp

Xerox Corporation is a provider of digital print technology and related solutions. The Company has capabilities in imaging and printing, data analytics, and the development of secure and automated solutions to help customers improve productivity. An annual corporate social responsibility report details the progress Xerox is making with regards to water management. The company has reduced water usage by 45% in 2018, using 2010 as a baseline. At Xerox’s Wilsonville, OR facility, reverse osmosis reject water is recycled as make-up water in cooling towers.

Procter & Gamble

The Procter & Gamble Company is focused on providing branded consumer packaged goods to consumers across the world. In house, P&G has reduced their water used per unit produced by 25%, with a focus on water-stressed regions. The company also just completed a water risk assessment in partnership with the World Resources Institute, and will next work on an in depth site water analysis with the Alliance for Water Stewardship. Finally, the company’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program delivered more than 14 billion liters of clean drinking water since the program started in 2014.

Clorox Co

The Clorox Company is a manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products. The company recognizes that many of its products require water to produce. As a result, they have set goals to reduce the amount of water used in their operations. From 2007-2017, the company reduced water consumption per case of product sold by 35%. From 2012 until now, Clorox set a goal to reduce water usage per case of product sold by 20%. They have already reduced water usage per case of product sold by 22%.

Intel Corp

Intel Corporation is engaged in creating products related to the cloud and computer, networking and communications platforms. The company has saved 64 billion gallons of water, and has returned 80% of global water use to municipal water treatment, with a target of 100% by 2025. In addition, the company has created a pilot program in India to track water quality, and has also met with sustainability leaders to discuss how technology can be applied to water management.

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